Kata Rocks Spa

The Spa at Kata Rocks is dedicated to providing therapeutic treatments, which regenerate your wellbeing and stimulate a genuine sense of peace, gratitude and harmony. Indeed, the spa-team find enormous encouragement in taking the feel-good factor to the next level, and looking after the essential wellbeing of every guest. On offer are a wide-array of spa treatments, services and facilities, including: an infra-red sauna; Thai-herbal steam treatments; cleansing colonic-hydrotherapy programs; healthy-juicing; curative facial therapies; deeply healing massages; a power nap relax-pod & restful revitalisation programs; outsized restorative crystal-therapy stones; an innovative water-massage-bed from Italy; color therapy experiences, and a radically distinctive fitness center and training studio, which offers guests various exciting ways to get and stay fit. In addition to being available in a central location in the resort, many of these spa and wellness choices are available in the privacy of your Sky Villa.

Tel: +66 (0)76 370 777